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Saying Hi 
07:42pm 13/12/2005
  Hey everyone,
I just discovered this comm. I am so glad someone made one. Sarah rocks. Later.

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Pre-Sales of Sarah Kelly's New Record!!! 
01:30am 12/09/2005
mood: excited
Hey Sarah Kelly fans and friends!!

For your early enjoyment you may pre-buy Sarah's new album which is scheduled to release in February of next year!

If you pre-buy it you get two free MP3s of never before heard songs (unless you have been treated by Sarah Kelly in concert recently!). One of these songs include the much in demand song, At About Midnight.

Go to this link to purchase it for only $10.00!!


God bless!

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02:30am 15/06/2005
Sarah Kelly is on myspace! Go add her as your friend:
There are some beautiful photos of her over there, too. :)

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Cross-posted from my journal: 
11:39pm 06/06/2005
mood: accomplished
Click to view full size!

As you can see, I finished drawing Sarah Kelly last night. I'm pretty proud of it. :) I had to improvise on much of the hair, and practically the entire torso. I seem to be much better at drawing hair and torsoes from my head than I am at drawing hands. I hope to enter this one in the fair... I need to get entry forms soon since entries are due June 21st.

This was sketched intensively in graphite pencil, then finished in 2b, 4b and 6b charcoal pencils, with a kneaded rubber eraser for highlights and an eyeshadow foam brush thingie for blending, on Strathmore charcoal paper. I'm not sure how long I spent on this... but it took longer than most of my other drawings have. Probably close to 6 or 7 hours. And, of course, I was looking at this photo.

Next: Thanks to a comment left by essius on a previous post, I now want to draw Avril Lavigne. Hopefully I can find a good photo of her to use. :)

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11:02pm 14/05/2005
  Some of you may be interested in joining my new community, paulwrightfans. :)  

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04:26pm 13/04/2005
mood: allergic
Have any of you checked out Jars of Clay's new CD, Redemption Songs? I recommend it not only because it's a bunch of hymns, which I love, but also because Sarah Kelly does some vocals in "I'll Fly Away". And it's not lame bgv's to where you can barely hear her... she is very audible and sounds GREAT! So, yeah, go to your local Christian bookstore or probably Wal Mart carries it too, and you can pick it up for a pretty cheap price right now, I think. I got mine for 12.97. :)

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What's new people? 
06:54pm 13/04/2005
mood: nerdy
So do any of you check out her website to see when her message board is up?? I know I do. I don't check it everyday but once in a while I do. I wish they would update her website too. :|

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07:50pm 16/03/2005
mood: excited
Okay, so I've been a fan of SK since last summer. I was mowing the lawn and listening to my walkman and heard, "Take Me Away" of course it took me away. The girl can sing. As soon as I figured out who she was I logged on her website to find out more on her. Found out that she was coming to Delaware and two days before my b-day last year I got to see and meet her. I took a few pics with her and even got to talk to her. I told her that she needs to have that message board of hers up and running because I need to talk to other fans. She said they're working on that.

Can't wait for her next album. :D

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sk rocks! 
10:24pm 04/09/2004
mood: cheerful
hey all, I'm Faith. I first saw Sarah a few months ago and I got to work merch for her at a show with her awesome merch girl Jamie. I hung out with her and the guys a bit after the show. Then I saw her at the Alive festival this summer and she and the guys remembered me and were waving to me from the stage. My fiance and I were the only ones to go up front to the stage and we totally paved the way for everyone else to come up to the stage too. Sarah kept thanking us later for doing that. We hung out after the show, it was so good to see them all again. I'll be seeing them next month at Liberty University and then in December there as well. I can't wait!! I just love her voice and she's soooo much better live than the cd, although the cd is aweseome. It's just awesome to see how much passion she has when she sings. And you can really see her love for the Lord when she sings too. Oh yeah, she played her new untitled song at alive too - it rocks!!!

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12:48am 06/08/2004
mood: calm
I forgot to mention in my previous post, but at the show I saw her at during SWC, she sang a brand new song she'd written on the way there. It started out inspired by her husband, but it turned into an awesome worship song. She hadn't even titled it yet, and she was asking what she should title it. I thought it should be titled "It All Comes Down To You," cos she sings that a lot in the chorus. So, it should be on her next cd, which I'm so excited for. Hopefully it's not too much longer till she's done working on it! :)

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07:52am 05/08/2004
mood: tired
so i guess i should introduce myself too!
my name is claire!
i live in canada!
and i lovelovelove sarah kelly!
i heard her the day her cd was released.
i work at a christian bookstore so i listen to all the cd's when they come in.
the second i even saw the cover, i knew i would love it!
and i do.
so she rocks and i am sure you all rock too!

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hey guys 
09:47pm 04/08/2004
  hey guys,
i'm new around here. but yea, i got an email response from spinninghead (i think) saying i should come join the community cuz its new and i love sarah kelly. but yea, take me away is my favorite song...for now. i just recently bought her album at creation fest east, so i havent had too much time to listen to it. but im already a big fan. her voice is amazing and her songs are great. so what about everyone else?

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09:05pm 04/08/2004
  Hey you guys! I just joined this community. I was saved in January. But I started falling away a little. My mom's friend handed me the Sarah Kelly CD and said she just felt I needed it. Well It just sat there for a little but I finally put it in. I mean God is so good because that CD blew me away. It was exactly what I needed to hear. God is really using Sarah to spread His word. Uh, it was awesome! I really want to see her in concert but I live in New Jersey and I don't think she is playing anywhere near me. Well, I will pray on it! Anyways, my name is Danielle and I'm 19 years old.. God Bless!  

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11:37am 04/08/2004
mood: calm
I knew I liked Sarah Kelly from the first time I heard "Take Me Away" on the radio. She came and led the worship in my city on Easter Sunday at the Sunrise Service, and I wasn't able to go, cos I was in Oregon that day. I was bummed, but probably not as much as I would've been if I knew back then how much I would really grow to love her music.

I volunteer every year at Spirit West Coast, selling artist merchandise, so this year, when Sarah Kelly was performing there, I was excited. Then it turned out she was performing during the time I had to be selling artist merch... I was SO disappointed that once again, I wasn't going to get to see her.

But then I saw on the program for the event that she was actually doing another show later on at like 10:30 at night, on a little free stage. I was so excited! As I was sitting selling merchandise for Jars of Clay with another girl, one of the managers walked up and asked if I could help out at the autograph table of Sarah Kelly! I eagerly went over, and I got to sit right next to Sarah as she signed autographs, and I was selling her merchandise right there at the table.

I hadn't seen her in concert yet, but I knew I would love her performance. She was amazingly sweet to everyone, giving little girls compliments saying they're gorgeous, etc. It was such a pleasant surprise to find a singer who is so grounded and genuinely wanting to talk to fans and interested in them. Sadly, this isn't a common thing among Christian artists. She gave me a hug afterwards thanking me for my help, and I got her to autograph the EP I had bought with what little money I had left.

Then later on, her show blew me away. It was the highlight of the entire day for me. She was so focussed on just worshipping God throughout the whole time, that I couldn't help but just worship along with her. It's so rare that you go to a concert where you're praising God along with the artist and praising him for leading this artist into her ministry... it was just awesome. After the show I stayed and talked with her some, and she gave me another hug and kept thanking me for all my help earlier in the day... and I hadn't even done that much work, lol.

So, to finish off this post, here's a pictureCollapse ) of me with Sarah. :)

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10:18am 04/08/2004
  I'm so excited there's a group on this wonderful singer! I've known her since she first started singing during RMC and could not be happier for her. I have a question for all of you:

Favorite SK song?

Just wondering, trying to get a little audience participation. haha.


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07:31am 04/08/2004
  what?...what is this?...the first entry of new community?...i feel so privilaged...lol
k...well...im Eden...and yes i love Sarah Kelly and her music...
i first heard her on the radio and for weeks could not get
her name...right after i learned who she was i attended a Jars of Clay
concert...Jars and some other band...and on the way to the concert they announced over the radio that Sarah Kelly would also be performing...i was so excited...so to make a long story short...
her "performance", (if that's what you even want to call it...because her heart is so dedicated to God that she will tell you from the stage she is only there to be a tool for Him...) was awesome to say the least...her voice and her pure spirit was so uplifting that when Jars of Clay came on, well, it literally "showed them up" if that is the right comment to use...
anyway...this is an awesome community to have...
it's about time Christian's start taking a stand for what they believe in and the music that can change lives...

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11:51pm 03/08/2004
mood: accomplished
Hi, everyone! I'm Rose, your moderator and the creator of this community. I hope this can be a great place for everyone to discuss the awesome and talented singer, Sarah Kelly! Feel free to post as you like, but please be sure your post has to do with Sarah, else I most likely will delete it. Also, please keep spamming to a minimum... if you really feel like there's a community we HAVE to know about, it's okay, but I really don't want this to be a place full of spam.

Invite all your friends, and if they haven't heard her music yet, show it to them! :)

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